Jeremiah 48:23 Cross References - WEB_Strongs

  23 H7156 and on Kiriathaim, H1014 and on Beth Gamul, H1010 and on Beth Meon,

Genesis 14:5

  5 H6240 In the fourteenth H8141 year H3540 Chedorlaomer H935 came, H4428 and the kings H5221 who were with him, and struck H7497 the Rephaim H6255 in Ashteroth Karnaim, H2104 and the Zuzim H1990 in Ham, H368 and the Emim H7741 in Shaveh Kiriathaim,

Numbers 32:38

  38 H5015 and Nebo, H1186 and Baal Meon, H8034 (their names H4142 being changed), H7643 and Sibmah: H7121 and they gave H8034 other names H5892 to the cities H1129 which they built.

Joshua 13:17

  17 H2809 Heshbon, H5892 and all its cities H4334 that are in the plain; H1769 Dibon, H1120 Bamoth Baal, H1010 Beth Baal Meon,

Joshua 13:19

  19 H7156 Kiriathaim, H7643 Sibmah, H6890 Zereth Shahar H2022 in the mount H6010 of the valley,

Jeremiah 48:1

  1 H4124 Of Moab. H559 Thus says H3068 Yahweh H6635 of Armies, H430 the God H3478 of Israel: H1945 Woe H5015 to Nebo! H7703 for it is laid waste; H7156 Kiriathaim H3001 is disappointed, H3920 it is taken; H4869 Misgab H3001 is put to shame H2865 and broken down.

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