Joshua 24:24 Cross References - LITV

24 And the people said to Joshua, We will serve Jehovah our God, and we will listen to His voice.

Exodus 19:8

8 And all the people answered together and said, All which Jehovah has spoken we will do. And Moses brought back the words of the people to Jehovah.

Exodus 24:3

3 And Moses came and told all the words of Jehovah to the people, and all the judgments. And all the people answered with one voice and said, We will do all the words which Jehovah has spoken.

Exodus 24:7

7 And he took the book of the covenant, and read in the ears of the people. And they said We will do all that Jehovah has spoken, and we will hear.

Deuteronomy 5:27-29

27 You go near and hear all that Jehovah our God may say, and you shall speak to us all that Jehovah our God may speak to you. And we will hear it and do it . 28 And Jehovah heard the voice of your words when you spoke to me. And Jehovah said to me I have heard the voice of the words of this people, which they have spoken to you; they have well said all that they have spoken. 29 Oh that this heart of theirs would be like this always, to fear Me, and to keep all My commandments, that it might be well with them, and with their sons forever.

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