Matthew 24:8 Cross References - Coverdale

8 All these are the begynnynge of sorowes.

Leviticus 26:18-29

18 But yf ye wyll not herken vnto me for all this, then wyl I make it yet seuen tymes more, to punysh you for youre synnes, 19 that I maye breake ye pryde of youre strength, and wyl make youre heauen lyke yron, and youre earth as brasse: 20 and youre trauaile and labor shal be but lost, so that youre londe shall not geue hir increase, and the trees in the londe shal not brynge forth their frute. 21 Yf ye walke yet agaynst me, and wyll not harken vnto me, then wyl I make it yet seuen tymes more, to punysh you because of youre synnes: 22 & wyl sende wylde beestes amoge you, which shal robbe you, and destroie youre catell, and make you fewer, and youre hye waye shal be come waist. 23 But yf ye wyl not yet be refourmed here withall, and wyll walke contrary vnto me, 24 then wyl I walke contrary vnto you also, & wyll punysh you yet seuen tymes for youre synnes. 25 And I wyl brynge vpon you a swerde of vengeaunce, which shall auenge my Testament. And though ye gather you together in to youre cities, yet wyll I sende the pestilence amonge you, and wyll delyuer you in to the handes of youre enemies. 26 For I wil destroye youre prouysion of bred, so yt ten wemen shall bake youre bred in one ouen, and youre bred shal be delyuered out by weight. And whan ye eate, ye shall not haue ynough. 27 Yf ye wyl not yet for all this harken vnto me, & wyl walke contrary vnto me, 28 then wyll I also walke cotrary vnto you in wrathfull displeasure, and wyll punysh you seuenfolde because of youre synnes, 29 so that ye shal eate the flesh of youre sonnes and doughters.

Deuteronomy 28:59

59 then shal the LORDE entreate ye wonderously, with plages vpon ye and thy sede, yee with greate and continuall plages,

Isaiah 9:12

12 that ye Sirians shal laye holde vpon them before, and the Philistynes behynde, and so deuoure Israel with open mouth. After all this, the wrath of the LORDE shal not ceasse, but yet his hande shable stretched out still.

Isaiah 9:17

17 Therfore shal the LORDE haue no pleasure in their yonge me, nether fauoure their fatherlesse and wydowes. For thei are altogether ypocrites and wicked, and all their mouthes speake foly. After all this shal not the LORDEs wrath ceasse, but yet his honde shalbe stretched out still.

Isaiah 9:21

21 Manasses shal eate Ephraim, and Ephraim Manasses, and they both shal eate Iuda. After all this shal not the LORDES wrath ceasse, but yet shal his honde be stretched out still.

Isaiah 10:4

4 that ye come not amonge the presoners, or lye amonge the deed? After all this shal not the wrath of the LORDE ceasse, but yet shal his honde be stretched out still.

1 Thessalonians 5:3

3 For whan they shal saye: Tush, It is peace, there is no daunger, then shall soden destruccion come vpo the, euen as the payne of a woman trauaylinge with childe, and they shal not escape.

1 Peter 4:17-18

17 For ye tyme is come, that iudgmet must begynne at the house of God. Yf it first begynne at vs, what shal the ende be of the which beleue not the Gospell of God? 18 And yf ye righteous scacely be saued, where shal ye vngodly & synner appeare?

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