Isaiah 43:9 Cross References - Coverdale

9 All nacions shal come in one, and be gathered in one people. But which amonge yonder goddes shall declare soch thinges, & tell vs what is to come? Let them bringe their witnesses, so shal they be fre: for the men shal heare it, and saye: it is truth.

Joshua 24:15-24

15 But yf ye like not to serue the LORDE, the chose you this daye whom ye wyll serue: the God whom youre fathers serued beionde ye water, or ye goddes of the Amorites, in whose lode ye dwell. As for me and my house, we wyll serue the LORDE. 16 Then answered the people, and saide: God forbidde, that we shulde forsake the LORDE, & serue other goddes. 17 For the LORDE oure God brought vs and oure fathers out of the londe of Egipte fro the house of bondage, and did soch greate tokens before oure eyes, and preserued vs all ye waye that we wente, and amonge all the nacions, whom we trauayled by. 18 And the LORDE thrust out before vs all the people of the Amorites that dwelt in the londe. Therfore wyll we also serue the LORDE, for he is oure God. 19 Iosua sayde vnto the people: Ye can not serue the LORDE: for he is an holy God, mightie, and gelous, which spareth not youre trangressions and synnes. 20 But yf ye forsake the LORDE, and serue a straunge god, then shall the LORDE turne him, and do you euell, and consume you, after that he hath done you good. 21 The people sayde vnto Iosua: Not so, but we will serue the LORDE. 22 Then sayde Iosua vnto the people: Ye are witnesses ouer youre selues, that ye haue chosen you the LORDE, to serue him. And they sayde: Yee. 23 Then put awaye from you (sayde he) the straunge goddes yt are amonge you, and enclyne youre hert vnto the LORDE the God of Israel. 24 And the people sayde vnto Iosua: We wyll serue the LORDE oure God, and be obedient vnto his voyce.

1 Kings 18:21-24

21 Then stepte Elias vnto all the people, & sayde: How longe halte ye on both ye sydes? Yf the LORDE be God, the walke after him: but yf Baal be he, the folowe him. And the people gaue him no answere. 22 The sayde Elias vnto the people: I onely am lefte a prophet of ye LORDE: but Baals prophetes are foure C. and fiftie me. 23 Geue vs now two bullockes, & let them chose one bullocke, & hewe him in peces, & laye him vpo the wod, & put no fyre theron: so wil I take ye other bullock, & laye him vpo the wod, & put no fyre theron also: 24 call ye then vpo the name of yor god, & I wil call vpo the name of the LORDE: loke which God now answereth with fyre, let the same be God. And all the people answered & sayde: That is righte.

1 Kings 18:36-39

36 And whan the tyme was to offer ye meatofferynge, Elias stepte forth, and sayde: O LORDE God of Abraham, of Isaac and of Israel, let it be knowne this daye, that thou art God in Israel, and I thy seruaunt, and that I haue done all this acordinge vnto yi worde. 37 Heare me O LORDE, O heare me, yt this people maye knowe, how that thou art the LORDE God, that thou mayest afterwarde turne their hertes. 38 Then fell downe the fyre of the LORDE, and consumed the burntofferinge, the wodd, the stones and the earth, and licked vp the water that was in the pytt. 39 Whan all the people sawe that, they fell vpon their faces, and sayde: The LORDE is God, ye LORDE is God.

Psalms 49:1-2

1 O heare this, all ye people: pondre it well, all ye that dwell vpo the earth. 2 Hye & lowe, riche & poore, one wt another.

Psalms 50:1

1 The LORDE euen the mightie God hath spoke, & called the worlde from the rysinge vp of the sonne vnto the goinge downe of the same.

Isaiah 41:1

1 Be still (ye Ilondes) and herken vnto me. Be stronge ye people, Come hither, and shew youre cause, we will go to the lawe together.

Isaiah 41:21-26

21 Stonde at youre cause (saieth the LORDE) and bringe forth youre strogest grounde, counceleth the kinge of Iacob. 22 Let the goddes come forth them selues, and shewe vs the thinges ye are past, what they be: let the declare the vnto vs, yt we maye take them to herte, and knowe them herafter. 23 Ether, let the shewe vs thinges for to come, and tel vs what shalbe done herafter: so shal we knowe, that they be goddes. Shewe somthinge, ether good or bad, so wil we both knowlege ye same, & tel it out. 24 Beholde, ye goddes are of naught, & yor makinge is of naught, but abhomination hath chosen you. 25 Neuertheles I haue waked vp one from the North, & he shal come. And another from the East, which shal call vpo my name, & shal come to the prynces, as the Potter to his claye, & as ye Potter treadeth downe the myre. 26 Who tolde yt afore? So wil we confesse & saye, that he is rightuous. But there is none that sheweth or declareth eny thinge, there is none also that heareth youre wordes.

Isaiah 43:26

26 Put me now in remembraunce (for we will reason together) & shewe what thou hast for the, to make the quyte.

Isaiah 44:7-9

7 For what is he, that euer was like me, which am from euerlastinge? Let him shewe his name and do wherthorow he maye be lickened vnto me. Let him tell you forth planely thiges, that are past and for to come: 8 yee and that without eny feare or stoppe. For haue not I euer tolde you hyther to, & warned you? Ye can beare me recorde youre selues. Is there eny God excepte me? or eny maker, that I shulde not knowe him? 9 Wherfore all caruers of Idols are but vayne, and their laboure lost. They must beare recorde them selues, that (seinge they can nether se ner vnderstonde) they shalbe confounded.

Isaiah 45:20-21

20 Let the be gathered & come together, let the drawe nye hyther, yt are escaped of the people: Haue they eny vnderstondinge, that set vp the stockes of their Idols, and praye vnto a god, that ca not helpe the? 21 Let men drawe nye, let them come hither, ad aske councel one at another, and shewe forth: What is he, that tolde this before? or, who spake of it, euer sence the begynnynge? Haue not I ye LORDE done it: without whom there is none other God? the true God and sauioure, and there is els none but I?

Isaiah 46:10

10 In the begynnynge of a thinge, I shewe the ende therof: and I tel before, thinges that are not yet come to passe. With one worde is my deuyce accomplished, & fulfilleth all my pleasure.

Isaiah 48:5-6

5 Neuertheles I haue euer sence the begynnynge shewed the of thinges for to come, and declared the vnto the, or euer they came to passe: that thou shuldest not saye: myne Idol hath done it, my carued or cast ymage hath shewed it. 6 Heare & considre all these thinges, whether it was ye that prophecied the: But as for me, I tolde the before at the begynnynge, new & secrete thinges, yt thou knewest not of:

Isaiah 48:14

14 Gather you all together, ad herken: Which of yonder goddes hath declared this, that the LORDE wil do by the kinge of Babilon, (whom he loueth & fauoureth) and by the Caldees his arme?

Joel 3:11

11 Mustre you, and come, all ye Heithe roude aboute: gather you together, there shall the LORDE laye all thy giauntes to the grounde.

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