Isaiah 44:7-9

Coverdale(i) 7 For what is he, that euer was like me, which am from euerlastinge? Let him shewe his name and do wherthorow he maye be lickened vnto me. Let him tell you forth planely thiges, that are past and for to come: 8 yee and that without eny feare or stoppe. For haue not I euer tolde you hyther to, & warned you? Ye can beare me recorde youre selues. Is there eny God excepte me? or eny maker, that I shulde not knowe him? 9 Wherfore all caruers of Idols are but vayne, and their laboure lost. They must beare recorde them selues, that (seinge they can nether se ner vnderstonde) they shalbe confounded.