Exodus 29:9 Cross References - Coverdale

9 & put the albes vpon them, and gyrde both Aaron & them with gyrdles, & set the bonettes vpon their heades, that they maye haue the presthode for a perpetuall custome. And thou shalt fyll the hades of Aaron and his sonnes,

Exodus 28:1

1 And thou shalt take vnto the Aaron thy brother and his sonnes fro amonge the childre of Israel, that he maye be my prest: namely Aaron & his sonnes Nadab, Abihu, Eleazar and Ithamar:

Exodus 28:40-41

40 And for Aarons sonnes thou shalt make cotes, gyrdles and bonetes, honorable and glorious, 41 and shalt put them vpon thy brother Aaron and his sonnes, and shalt anoynte them, and fyll their handes, and consecrate them, that they maye be my prestes.

Exodus 32:29

29 The sayde Moses: Cosecrate youre handes this daie vnto the LORDE, euery man vpon his sonne and brother, that the prayse maye be geuen ouer you this daye.

Exodus 40:15

15 and anoynte them, as thou hast anoynted their father, yt they maye be my prestes. And this anoyntinge shall they haue for an euerlastinge presthode amonge their posterities.

Leviticus 8:22-28

22 He brought also the other ramme of the offerynge of the consecracion. And Aaron with his sonnes layed their hades vpon his heade, 23 and then was it slayne. And Moses toke of his bloude, and put it vpon the typpe of Aarons right eare, and vpon the thombe of his right hande, and vpon the greate too of his right fote. 24 And he brought Aarons sonnes, and put of the bloude vpon the typpe of the right eare of them, and vpon ye thombes of their righte handes, and vpon the greate toes of their righte fete, and poured the resydue of the bloude vpon the altare rounde aboute. 25 And he toke the fat and the rompe, and all the fat vpon the bowels, and the nett vpon the leuer, the two kydneys with the fat theron, and the righte shulder. 26 And out of the maunde of vnleuended bred before the LORDE, he toke an vnleueded cake, and a cake of oyled bred, and a wafer, and layed them vpo the fat, and vpon the right shulder, 27 and put alltogether vpon the handes of Aaron and of his sonnes, and waued it for a Waueofferynge before the LORDE. 28 And afterwarde toke he all agayne from their hondes, and burned them on the altare, euen vpon the burntofferinge: for it is an offerynge of consecracion for a swete sauoure, euen a sacrifice vnto ye LORDE.

Leviticus 8:33

33 And in seue dayes shall ye not departe from ye dore of the Tabernacle of wytnesse, vntyll the daye, yt the dayes of yor consecracion offerynges be at an ende: for seue dayes must yor handes be consecrated,

Numbers 3:10

10 As for Aaron & his sonnes, thou shalt appoynte them to wayte on their prestes office. Yf another preasse therto, he shal dye.

Numbers 16:10

10 He hath caused the and all thy brethren the childre of Leui with the, to come nye vnto him: and now ye seke the presthode also.

Numbers 16:35

35 Morouer the fyre came out fro the LORDE, and consumed the two hundreth and fyftye men, that offred the incense.

Numbers 16:40

40 for a remebraunce vnto ye children of Israel yt no straunger (and he that is not of ye sede of Aaron) come nye to offre incense before the LORDE, yt it happe not vnto him as vnto Corah and his companye, acordynge as the LORDE sayde vnto him by Moses.

Numbers 18:7

7 As for ye, and yi sonnes with the, ye shal waite vpon youre prestes office, that ye maye ministre in all maner busynes of the altare, and within the vayle: for yor prestes office geue I vnto you for a gifte to do seruyce. Yf a straunger come nye, he shall dye.

Numbers 25:13

13 and he shal haue it, & his sede after him, eue the couenaunt of an euerlastinge presthode, because he was gelous for his Gods sake, and made an attonement for the children of Israel.

Deuteronomy 18:5

5 For the LORDE thy God hath chosen him out of all thy trybes, to stonde and mynyster in the name of the LORDE, he and his sonnes all the dayes of their life.

Hebrews 5:4-5

4 And noma taketh ye honoure vnto himselfe, but he that is called of God, as was Aaron. 5 Euen so Christ glorified not himselfe to be made hye prest, but he yt sayde vnto him: Thou art my sonne, this daye haue I begotten the.

Hebrews 5:10

10 and is called of God an hye prest after the order of Melchisedech.

Hebrews 7:11-14

11 Yf now therfore perfeccion came by the presthode of the Leuites (for vnder the same (presthode) the people receaued the lawe) what neded it then furthurmore, that another prest shulde ryse after the order of Melchisedech, and not after the order of Aaron? 12 For yf the presthode be traslated, the of necessite must the lawe be translated also. 13 For he of whom these thinges are spoken, is of another trybe, of the which neuer man serued at the altare. 14 For it is euidet, that oure LORDE spronge of the trybe of Iuda, to the which trybe Moses spake nothinge cocernynge presthode,

Hebrews 7:23-28

23 And amonge them many were made prestes, because they were not suffred to endure by the reason of death. 24 But this man, because that he endureth euer, hath an euerlastinge presthode. 25 Wherfore he is able also euer to saue them, that come vnto God by him: & lyueth euer, to make intercession for vs. 26 For it became vs to haue soch an hye prest as is holy, innocent, vndefyled, separate from synners, and made hyer then heauen: 27 which nedeth not daylie ( as yonder hye prestes) to offre vp sacrifice first for his awne synnes, and then for the peoples synnes. For that dyd he once for all, whan he offered vp him selfe. 28 For the lawe maketh men prestes which haue infirmitie: but the worde of the ooth, that came sence the lawe, maketh the sonne prest, which is perfecte for euermore.

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