1 Samuel 11:15 Cross References - Coverdale

15 Then wente all the people vnto Gilgall, and there they made Saul kinge before the LORDE at Gilgal, and offred deedofferinges before the LORDE. And Saul with all the men of Israel reioysed there greatly.

Exodus 24:5

5 & sent twolue yonge me of the children of Israel, to offre burntofferynges, and peace offerynges theron of bullockes vnto the LORDE.

1 Samuel 8:19

19 Neuerthelesse the people refused to heare the voyce of Samuel, and sayde: Not so, but there shall be a kynge ouer vs,

1 Samuel 10:8

8 Thou shalt go downe before me vnto Gilgall: Beholde, thither wyl I come downe vnto the, that thou mayest offre burntofferynges and deedofferynges. Seuen dayes shalt thou tarye till I come to the, and shewe the what thou shuldest do.

1 Samuel 10:17

17 Samuel called the people together vnto the LORDE to Mispa,

1 Samuel 12:13-15

13 Now, there haue ye youre kynge, who ye haue chosen and desyred: for lo, the LORDE hath set a kinge ouer you. 14 Yf ye shal feare the LORDE now, and serue him, and herken vnto his voice, and not be dishobedient vnto the mouth of the LORDE, then shall both ye and youre kynge that raigneth ouer you, folowe ye LORDE youre God. 15 But yf ye herken not vnto ye voyce of the LORDE, but be dishobedient vnto his mouth, then shal the hande of the LORDE be agaynst you, and agaynst youre fathers.

1 Samuel 12:17

17 Is not now the wheate haruest? Yet wyll I call vpo the LORDE, so that he shal cause it thonder and rayne, that ye shall knowe and se the greate euell, which ye haue done in the sight of the LORDE, in that ye haue desyred to haue a kynge.

1 Chronicles 29:21-24

21 and offred sacrifices vnto the LORDE. And on ye nexte morow offred they burntofferynges, a M. bullockes, a M. rames, a M. labes wt their drynkofferynges, & plenteously offred they amonge all Israel. 22 And they ate and dranke the same daie before the LORDE with greate ioye, and made Salomon the sonne of Dauid kynge ye seconde tyme, and anoynted him to be ye prynce for the LORDE, & Sadoc to be the prest. 23 Thus sat Salomon vpon the seate of ye LORDE, kynge in his fathers steade, & prospered. And all Israel obeyed him, 24 & all ye rulers & mightie men, & all kynge Dauids children submytted themselues vnto kynge Salomon.

Hosea 13:10-11

10 Where are thy kinges now, that shulde helpe the in all thy cities? Yee and thy iudges, of whom thou saydest: geue me a kinge and prynces? 11 well, I gaue the a kinge in my wrath, and in my displeasure will I take him from the agayne.

James 4:16

16 But nowe ye reioyce in youre bostinges. All soche reioysynge is euell.

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