Revelation 2:12 Cross References - Bishops

12 And to the Angell of the Churche in Pergamos, write: This saith he which hath ye sharpe sword with two edges

Isaiah 11:4

4 But with righteousnesse shal he iudge the poore, and with equitie shall he refourme the simple of the worlde, and he shall smyte the worlde with the rod of his mouth, and with the breath of his mouth shall he slay the vngodly

Hebrews 4:12

12 For the worde of God is quicke, and myghtie in operation, and sharper then any two edged sword, and entreth thorowe, euen vnto the deuydyng a sunder of the soule & the spirite, and of the ioyntes & the marie, and is a discerner of the thoughtes and of the intentes of the heart

Revelation 1:11

11 Saying: I am Alpha and Omega, the first and the last: That thou seest, write in a booke, and sende it vnto the seuen Churches which are in Asia, vnto Ephesus, and vnto Smyrna, and vnto Pergamos, and vnto Thyatira, and vnto Sardis, and vnto Philadelphia, and vnto Laodicea

Revelation 1:16

16 And he had in his ryght hande, seuen starres: And out of his mouth went a sharpe two edged sworde: And his face shone, euen as the sunne in his strength

Revelation 2:1

1 Vnto the Angel of the Churche at Ephesus, write: these thynges sayth he that holdeth the seuen starres in his ryght hande, and that walketh in the middes of the seuen golden candlestickes

Revelation 2:16

16 Repent, or els I wyll come vnto thee shortly, and wyll fyght agaynst them with the sworde of my mouth

Revelation 19:15

15 And out of his mouth went a sharpe sworde, that with it he shoulde smyte the heathen: and he shall rule the with a rodde of yron. And he trode the winefat of fiercenesse and wrath of almightie God

Revelation 19:21

21 And the remnaunt were slayne with the sworde of hym that sate vppon the horse, whiche sworde proceaded out of his mouth, and all the fowles were fylled with their fleshe

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