2 Thessalonians 2:9-12

Wycliffe(i) 9 hym, whos comyng is bi the worching of Sathanas, in al vertu, and signes, 10 and grete wondris, false, and in al disseit of wickidnesse, to hem that perischen. For that thei resseyueden not the charite of treuthe, that thei schulden be maad saaf. And therfor God schal sende to hem a worching of errour, that thei bileue to leesing, 11 that alle be demed, whiche bileueden not to treuthe, but consentiden to wickidnesse. 12 But, britheren louyd of God, we owen to do thankyngis euermore to God for you, that God chees vs the firste fruytis in to heelthe, in halewing of spirit and in feith of treuthe;