Joshua 19

Thomson(i) 1 Next came out the lot of the children of Symeon, and their inheritance was in the midst of the lots of the children of Juda. 2 And this was their lot; Bersabe, and Semao, and Keladam, 3 and Arsola, and Bola, and Jason, 4 and Erthula, and Bula, and Erma, 5 and Sikelak, and Baithmachereb, and Sarsusin, 6 and Batheroth, with their fields, thirteen cities with their villages; 7 Eremmon, and Thalecha, and Jather, and Asan, four cities with their villages, 8 around these their cities, as far as Balek on the way to Bameth southward. This was the inheritance of the tribe of the Symeonites according to their communities. 9 From the portion of Juda was taken the inheritance of the tribe of the Symeonites; because the portion of the children of Juda was too large for them, therefore the children of Symeon got an inheritance in the midst of their portion. 10 And the third lot came out for Zabulon, according to their communities; and these were to be the bounds of their inheritance: 11 Esedekgola, the sea and Magalda, were to be their boundaries, and their boundary was to join upon Baitharaba, at the valley which is in front of Jekman: 12 then it turned up from Sedduck, from the east of Baithsamys, along the borders of Chaselothaith, and was to turn off to Dabiroth, and go up to Phaggai; 13 thence to come round on the other side, eastward, to Gebere, by the city Katesem, and pass on by Remmonaa Matharoza; 14 then the boundary was to go round, northward, by Amoth, and the termination of it was to be at Gaphael. 15 Including Katanath, and Nabaal, and Symoon, and Jericho, and Baithman, 16 this was the inheritance of the children of Zabulon, according to their communities, their cities and their villages. 17 And the fourth lot came out for Issachar, 18 and their borders were Jazel, and Chassaloth, and Sunam, 19 and Agin, and Siona, 20 and Reeroth, and Anachereth, and Dabiron, and Kison, and Rebes, 21 and Remmas, and Jeon, and Tomman, and Aimerek, and Bersaphes, 22 and their borders were to join on Gaithbor, and on Salim westward, and on Baithsamys, and the termination of their boundary was to be the Jordan. 23 This was the inheritance of the tribe of the children of Issachar, according to their communities, their cities and their villages. 24 And the fifth lot came out for Aser, according to their communities; 25 And their borders were Exaleketh, and Aleph, and Baithok, and Neaph, 26 and Elimelech, and Amiel, and Maasa, and to join on Karmelo, westward, and on Sion and Labanath, 27 and to turn from the rising of the sun, and Baithegeneth, and to join Zabulon, and Ekgai, and Phthaiel, on the north; then the boundary is to come to Saphthaibaithme, and Inael, and turn off to Chobamasomel, 28 and Elbon, and Raab, and Ememaon, and Kanthan, till it reached great Sidon; 29 Then the boundary is to turn up to Rama, and to the fountain Masphasset, and the Tyrians; Then the boundary is to turn up to Jasiph; and the termination of it is to be the sea, including Apoleb, and Echozob, 30 and Archob, and Aphek, and Raau; 31 this was the inheritance of the children of Aser, according to their communities, including their cities and their villages. 32 And the sixth lot came out for Nephthaleim, 33 and their borders were Moolam, and Mola, and Besemin, and Arme, and Naboch, and Jephthamai, even to Dodam, and the terminations were the Jordan; 34 then their boundary was to turn westward, by Aththabor, and then turn off to Jakana, and join Zabulon on the south, and Aser on the west, and Jordan on the east. 35 Now the fenced cities of the Tyrians, were Tyre and Omathadaketh, and Kenereth, 36 and Armaith, and Arael, and Asor, 37 and Kades, and Assari, and Bathaser, 38 and Keroe, and Megalaarim, and Baiththame, and Thessamus. 39 This was the inheritance of the children of Nephthaleim. 40 And the seventh lot came out for Dan; 41 and their borders were Sarath, and Asa, and the cities Sammaus, 42 and Salamin, and Ammon, and Silatha, 43 and Elon, and Thamnatha, and Akkaron, 44 and Alkatha, and Begethon, and Gebeelan, 45 and Azor, and Banaibakat, and Gethrimmon, 46 and on the west of Jerakon, the border near Joppa. 47 Whereupon the children of Dan went and made war on Lachis, and took it, and smote it with the edge of the sword, and dwelt there, and called its name Lasen Dan. The Amorites continued also to dwell in Elom, and Salamin, but the hand of Ephraim was heavy upon them, and they were made tributaries to them. 48 This was the inheritance of the tribe of the Danites, according to their communities, including their cities and their villages. [But the children of Dan did not root out the Amorites who distressed them on the mountains, and the Amorites did not suffer them to come down into the valley. Nay they took from them the border of their portion. 49 Now when the children of Israel set out to enter into the land, according to their respective bounds, the Israelites gave Joshua son of Nave, a portion among them. 50 By the command of God, they gave him the city which he asked, namely Thamnasarach, which is on mount Ephraim, and he rebuilt the city, and dwelt there. 51 These were the portions which Eleazar the priest, and Joshua son of Nave, and the chiefs of the patriarchal families, distributed by lot among the tribes of Israel, at Selo, in the presence of the Lord, at the doors of the tabernacle of the testimony. So they set out to take possession of the land.