Jeremiah 31:31-34

Rotherham(i) 31 Lo! days are coming, Declareth Yahweh,—When I will solemnize—With the house of Israel and With the house of Judah, A new covenant: 32 Not like the covenant which I solemnised with their fathers, In the day when I grasped their hand, to bring them forth out of the land of Egypt,—In that, they, brake my covenant Though, I, had become a husband unto them, Declareth Yahweh. 33 For, this, is the covenant which I will solemnize with the house of Israel after those days Declareth Yahweh, I will put my law within them, Yea, on their heart, will I write it,—So will I become their God, And they shall become my people. 34 Then shall they no longer teach Every man his neighbour, and Every man his brother, saying, Know ye Yahweh,—For, they all, shall know me, From the least of them Even unto the greatest of them, Declareth Yahweh, For I will forgive their iniquity, And their sin, will I remember, no more.
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