Ezekiel 27:26-34

Great(i) 26 Thy robbers shall brynge the into grett waters, the easte winde shall ouerbeare the into the myddest of the see: 27 so that thy wares, thy marchaundies, thy ryches, thy maryners, thy shypmasters, thy buylders of thy broken places, thy occupiers (that brought the thynges necessary) the men of warre that are in the: yee, and all thy comens shall perysh in the myddest of the see: in the daye of thy fall. 28 The suburbes shall shake at the loude crye of thy shypmen. 29 All whyry men, & all maryners vpon the see, shall leape out of theyr boates, & set them selues vpon the lande. 30 They shall lyft vp theyr voyce because of the and make a lamentable cry. They shall cast dust vpon theyr heades, and lye downe in the asshes. 31 They shall shaue them selues, and put sacke cloth vpon them for thy sake. They shall mourne for the with hertfull sorow, 32 and heuy lamentacion, yee, they also shall wepe for the. Alas, what cytie hath so bene destroyed in the see, as Tyre is? 33 When thy wares and marchaundies came from the sees, thou gauest al people ynough. The kinges of the earth hast thou made ryche, thorow the multitude of thy watres & occupieng. 34 But thou art now cast downe in to the depe of the see, all thy resorte of people is perished with the.