Sirach 19

Geneva(i) 1 A labouring man that is giuen to drunkennesse, shal not be rich: and he that contemneth smal things, shall fall by litle and litle. 2 Wine and women leade wise men out of the way, and put men of vnderstanding to reproofe. 3 And he that companieth adulterers, shall become impudent: rottenesse and wormes shall haue him to heritage, and he that is to bolde, shall be taken away, and be made a publike example. 4 Hee that is hastie to giue credite, is light minded, and hee that erreth, sinneth against his owne soule. 5 Who so reioyceth in wickednesse, shall be punished: he that hateth to be reformed, his life shall bee shortened, and hee that abhorreth babbling of wordes, quencheth wickednesse: but hee that resisteth pleasures, crowneth his owne soule. 6 He that refraineth his tongue, may liue with a troublesome man, and hee that hateth babbling, shall haue lesse euill. 7 Rehearse not to another, that which is tolde vnto thee: so thou shalt not be hindred. 8 Declare not other mens manners, neither to friend nor foe: and if the sinne appertaine not vnto thee, reueile it not. 9 For hee will hearken vnto thee, and marke thee, and when hee findeth opportunitie, hee will hate thee. 10 If thou hast heard a worde against thy neighbour let it die with thee, and bee sure, it will not burst thee. 11 A foole trauaileth when hee hath heard a thing, as a woman that is about to bring forth a childe. 12 As an arrowe that sticketh in ones thigh, so is a word in a fooles heart. 13 Reproue a friend least he do euill, and if he haue done it, that he doe it no more. 14 Reproue a friende that hee may keepe his tongue: and if hee haue spoken, that hee say it no more. 15 Tel thy friend his faute: for oft times a slaunder is raised, and giue no credence to euery word. 16 A man falleth with his tongue, but not with his will: and who is he, that hath not offended in his tongue? 17 Reproue thy neighbour before thou threaten him, and being without anger, giue place vnto the Lawe of the most High. 18 The feare of the Lord is the first degree to be receiued of him, and wisedome obteineth his loue. 19 The knowledge of the commandementes of the Lord is the doctrine of life, and they that obey him, shall receiue the fruit of immortalitie. 20 The feare of the Lord is all wisedome, & the performing of the Law is perfect wisdome, and the knowledge of his almightie power. 21 If a seruant say vnto his master, I wil not do as it pleaseth thee, though afterwarde he doe it, hee shall displease him that nourisheth him. 22 The knowledge of wickednesse is not wisedome, neither is there prudencie whereas the counsell of sinners is: but it is euen execrable malice and the foole is voyde of wisedome. 23 Hee that hath small vnderstanding, and feareth God, is better then one that hath much wisedome, and transgresseth the Law of the most high. 24 There is a certaine subtiltie that is fine, but it is vnrighteous: and there is that wresteth the open and manifest Lawe: yet there is that is wise and iudgeth righteously. 25 There is some that being about wicked purposes, doe bowe downe themselues, and are sadde, whose inwarde parts burne altogether with deceit: he looketh downe with his face, & faineth himselfe deafe: yet before thou perceiue, he will bee vpon thee to hurt thee. 26 And though he be so weake that he can doe thee no harme, yet when he may finde opportunitie, he will doe euill. 27 A man may be knowen by his looke, and one that hath vnderstanding, may be perceiued by the marking of his countenance. 28 A mans garment, and his excessiue laughter, and going declare what person he is.