Proverbs 1:24-28

Coverdale(i) 24 Seinge then that I haue called, and ye refused it: I haue stretched out my honde, and no ma regarded it, 25 but all my coucels haue ye despysed, and set my correccios at naught. 26 Therfore shal I also laugh in yor destruccion, and mocke you, when ye thinge that ye feare cometh vpon you: 27 euen whe ye thinge that ye be afrayed of, falleth in sodenly like a storme, and yor misery like a tempest: yee wha trouble and heuynesse cometh vpon you. 28 Then shal they call vpo me, but I wil not heare: they shal seke me early, but they shal not fynde me: