Numbers 25

Coverdale(i) 1 And Israel dwelt in Sittim, and the people beganne to commytte whordome with the doughters of the Moabites, 2 which called the people vnto the sacrifice of their goddes. And the people ate and worshipped their goddes, 3 and Israel submytted him self vnto Baal Peor. Then the wrath of the LORDE waxed whote vpon Israel, 4 and he sayde vnto Moses: Take all the rulers of the people, and hange them vp vnto the LORDE agaynst ye Sonne, that the terryble wrath of the LORDE maye be turned awaye from Israel. 5 And Moses sayde vnto the iudges of Israel: Euery man slaye his captayne, that haue submytted them selues vnto Baal Peor. 6 And beholde, one of the childre of Israel wete in against his brethre, & ioyned him self to a Madianitish woma, in ye sighte of Moses & of the whole cogregacion of ye childre of Israel, which weped before the dore of ye Tabernacle of wytnesse. 7 Whan Phineas ye sonne of Eleasar the sonne of Aaron ye prest sawe yt, he rose vp out of the congregacion, & toke a swerde in his hande, 8 & wente after the man of Israel in to the whore house, & thrust the thorow, both the man of Israel and the woman, eue thorow the bely of her. Then ceassed the plage from the children of Israel, 9 and there were slayne in the plage foure and twentye thousande. 10 And ye LORDE spake vnto Moses, & saide: 11 Phineas the sonne of Eleasar the sonne of Aaron ye prest, hath turned my wrath awaie from the childre of Israel thorow his gelousy for my sake amonge them, yt I shulde not cosume the childre of Israel in my gelousy. 12 Wherfore saye: beholde, I geue him my couenaunt of peace, 13 and he shal haue it, & his sede after him, eue the couenaunt of an euerlastinge presthode, because he was gelous for his Gods sake, and made an attonement for the children of Israel. 14 The man of Israel that was slayne with the Madianitish woman, was called Simri the sonne of Salu, a captayne of the house of the father of the Simeonites. 15 The Madianitish woman also that was slayne, was called Co?bi, ye doughter of Zur, which was a ruler of the people of a kynred amonge the Madianites. 16 And the LORDE spake vnto Moses, & sayde: 17 Vexe the Madianites, & smyte them, 18 for they haue vexed you with their wyles, wherby they haue bigyled you thorow Peor, and thorow their sister Co?bi the doughter of a captayne of ye Madianites, which was slayne in the daye of the plage, for Peors sake, and the plage came after.