Numbers 21:22-24

Coverdale(i) 22 Let me go thorow ye lande, we wyl not turne in to ye feldes ner in to the vynyardes: nether will we drynke the water of the welles, ye hye strete wil we go, till we be past the borders of thy countre. 23 Howbeit Sihon wolde not geue the children of Israel licence to go thorow the coastes of his londe, but gathered all his people together, and wente out agaynst Israel in the wyldernesse. And whan he came to Iaheza, he fought agaynst Israel. 24 Neuerthelesse Israel smote him with the edge of the swerde, and conquered his lande from Arnon vnto Iabock, and vnto the children of Ammon. For the borders of the children of Ammon were stroge.