Numbers 13

Coverdale(i) 1 And the LORDE spake vnto Moses, & sayde: 2 Sende forth men to spye out ye lande of Canaan (which I wil geue vnto ye children of Israel) of euery trybe of their fathers a man, and let them all be soch as are captaynes amonge them. 3 Moses sent the out of the wildernes of Paran, acordinge to the worde of the LORDE, soch as were all heades amonge the children of Israel, and these are their names: 4 Samma the sonne of Zacur, of the trybe of Ruben. 5 Saphat the sonne of Hori, of the trybe of Simeon. 6 Caleb ye sonne of Iephune, of the trybe of Iuda. 7 Igeal the sonne of Ioseph, of the trybe of Isachar. 8 Hosea the sonne of Nun, of ye trybe of Ephraim. 9 Palti the sonne of Raphu, of the trybe of Ben Iamin. 10 Gadiel the sonne of Sodi, of ye trybe of Zabulon. 11 Gaddi the sonne of Susi, of the trybe of Ioseph of Manasse. 12 Ammiel the sonne of Gemalli, of the trybe of Dan. 13 Sethur ye sonne of Michael, of the trybe of Asser. 14 Nahebi the sonne of Vaphsi, of the trybe of Nephtali. 15 Guel the sonne of Machi, of the trybe of Gad. 16 These are the names of the men, whom Moses sent forth to spye out the lande. As for Hosea the sonne of Nun, Moses called him Iosua. 17 Now whan Moses sent the forth to spye out the lande of Canaan, he sayde vnto the: Go vp southwarde, and get you vp to the mountaynes, 18 and loke vpon the londe how it is: and the people that dwell therin, whether they be stronge or weake, fewe or many: 19 and what maner of lande it is that they dwell in, whether it be good or bad: & what maner of cities they be that they dwell in, whether they be fenced with walles, or not: 20 and what maner of lande it is, whether it be fatt or leane, and whether there be trees therin, or not. Be of a good corage, and bringe of the frutes of the londe. It was euen aboute the tyme, that grapes are first rype. 21 They wente vp, & spyed the lande, from ye wildernes of Zin; vntyll Rehob, as me go vnto Hemath. 22 They wente vp also towarde the south, and came vnto Hebron, where Ahiman was, and Sesai and Thalmai, the children of Enack (Hebron was buylded seuen yeare before Zoan in Egipte.) 23 And they came to the ryuer of Escol, and there they cut downe a cluster of grapes, and caused two to beare it vpon a staffe, pomgranates also and fygges. 24 The place is called the ryuer of Escol, because of the cluster of grapes, which the children of Israel cut downe there. 25 And whan they had spyed out the lande, they turned bake againe after fourtye daies, 26 and wente, and came to Moses and Aaron, & to the whole congregacion of ye children of Israel in to ye wyldernesse of Paran, eue vnto Cades, and brought them worde agayne, and to the whole congregacion, how it stode, and let them se the frute of the lande, 27 and tolde them, and sayde: We came in to ye lande, whither ye sent vs, where it floweth with mylke and hony, and this is the frute therof: 28 sauynge that stronge people dwell therin, and the cities are exceadinge stronge and greate. And we sawe the children of Enack there also. 29 The Amalechites dwell in the south countre, the Hethites, and Iebusites and Amorites dwell vpon the mountaynes, but the Cananites dwell by the see, and aboute Iordane. 30 Howbeit Caleb stylled ye people that was agaynst Moses, and sayde vnto them: Let vs go vp, and conquere the lande, for we are able to ouercome it. 31 But the men that wente vp with him, sayde: We are not able to go vp agaynst that people, for they are to stronge for vs. 32 And of the lande that they had searched, they brought vp an euell reporte amonge the childre of Israel, and saide: The lade that we haue gone thorow to spye out, eateth vp the indwellers therof: and all the people that we sawe therin, are men of greate stature. 33 We sawe giauntes there also, yee giauntes as the children of Enack: and we semed in oure sighte as ye greshoppers, and so dyd we in their sighte.