Joshua 16

Coverdale(i) 1 And the lot fell vnto the children of Ephraim fro Iordane ouer agaynst Iericho, vnto the water on the east syde of Iericho, and the wyldernesse, yt goeth vp from Iericho thorow the mountayne of Bethel, 2 and commeth out from Bethel vnto Lus, and goeth thorow the coast of Arciataroth, 3 and stretcheth downe westwarde vnto ye coaste of Iaphleti to ye border of the lower Bethoron, and vnto Gaser: and the ende therof is by the greate see. 4 This the children of Ioseph (Manasses & Ephraim) receaued to enheritaunce. 5 The Border of the children of Ephraim amonge their kynreds of their enheritaunce from the east, was Ataroth Adar vnto the vpper Bethoron, 6 & goeth out westwarde by Michmethath that lyeth towarde the north, there fetcheth it a compasse towarde the east syde of the cite Thaenath Silo, and goeth there thorow from the east vnto Ianoha, 7 and commeth downe from Ianoha vnto Ataroth and Naaratha, and bordreth on Iericho, and goeth out at Iordane. 8 From Thapuah goeth it westwarde vnto Naalkama, and the out goinge of it is at the see. This is the enheritaunce of the trybe of the children of Ephraim amonge their kynreds. 9 And all the borders, cities with their vyllages of the childre of Ephraim laye scatred amonge the enheritaunce of the children of Manasse. 10 And they droue not out ye Cananites, which dwelt at Gaser. So ye Cananites remayned amoge Ephraim vnto this daye, and became tributaries.