Job 12

Coverdale(i) 1 So Iob answered, and sayde: 2 Then (no doute) ye are the men alone, and wy?dome shal perish with you. 3 But I haue vnderstodinge as well as ye, and am no lesse then ye. Yee who knoweth not these thinges? 4 Thus he that calleth vpo God, and whom God heareth, is mocked of his neghboure: the godly & innocent man is laughed to scorne. 5 Godlynesse is a light despysed in ye hertes of the rich, & is set for them to stomble vpon. 6 The houses of robbers are in wealth and prosperite, & they that maliciously medle agaynst God, dwel without care: yee God geueth all thinges richely with his honde. 7 Axe the catell, & they shal enfourme the: the foules of the ayre, and they shall tell ye: 8 Speake to the earth, and it shall shewe the: Or to the fyshes of the see, and they shal certifie the. 9 What is he, but he knoweth, that ye hode of the LORDE made all these? 10 In whose honde is the soule of euery lyuynge thinge, and the breth of all men. 11 Haue not the eares pleasure in hearinge, and the mouth in tastinge the thinge that it eateth? 12 Amonge olde personnes there is wy?dome, and amonge the aged is vnderstodinge. 13 Yee with God is wy?dome and strength, it is he that hath councell & foreknowlege. 14 Yf he breake downe a thinge, who can set it vp agayne? Yf he shutt a thinge, who wil open it? 15 Beholde, yf he witholde the waters, they drye vp: Yf he let the go, they destroye the earth. 16 With him is strength and wy?dome: he knoweth both the disceauer, and him that is disceaued. 17 He carieth awaye the wyse men, as it were a spoyle, and bryngeth the iudges out of their wyttes. 18 He lowseth the gyrdle of kynges, and gyrdeth their loynes with a bonde. 19 he ledeth awaye the prestes into captiuyte, and turneth the mightie vp syde downe. 20 He taketh the verite from out of the mouth, & disapoynteth ye aged of their wy?dome. 21 He poureth out confucion vpon prynces, and coforteth them that haue bene oppressed. 22 Loke what lyeth hyd in darcknesse, he declareth it opely: and the very shadowe of death bringeth he to light. 23 He both increaseth the people, and destroyeth them: He maketh them to multiplie, and dryueth them awaye. 24 He chaungeth the herte of the prynces and kynges of the earth, and disapoynteth them: so that they go wadringe out of the waye, 25 and grope in the darke without light, stackeringe to and fro like droncken men.