Ezekiel 45:21-24

Coverdale(i) 21 Vpon ye xiiij. daye of the first moneth ye shal kepe Easter. Seue dayes shal the feast contynue, wherin there shal no sower ner leueded bred be eate. 22 Vpon the same daye shal ye prynce geue for himself and all the people of the londe, a bullocke for a synoffringe. 23 And in the feast of the seuen dayes he shal offre euery daye a bullocke & a ram, that are with out blemysh, for a burntoffrynge vnto the LORDE: & an he gaote daylie for a synoffrynge. 24 For the meatoffrynges he shall geue euer an Epha to a bullocke, an Epha to a ram, & an Hin of oyle to an Epha.