Exodus 13

Coverdale(i) 1 And the LORDE spake vnto Moses, & saide: 2 Sanctifie vnto me euery firstborne, yt breaketh all maner of Matrices amonge the childre of Israel, both of men & catell: for they are myne. 3 Then saide Moses vnto ye people: Thinke vpo this daye, in the which ye are gone out of Egipte from the house of bodage, how yt ye LORDE brought you out fro thence wt a mightie hade. Therfore shall ye eate no sowre dowe. 4 This daye are ye gone out, eue in ye moneth of Abib. 5 Now wha ye LORDE hath brought ye in to ye lande of ye Cananites, Hethites, Amorites, Heuites & Iebusites, which he sware vnto yi fathers to geue ye (euen a londe that floweth wt mylke & hony) then shalt thou kepe this seruyce in this moneth. 6 Seue dayes shall thou eate vnleuended bred, & vpon the seuenth daye is the LORDES feast: 7 therfore shalt thou eate vnleuended bred seue dayes, that there be no sowre dowe, ner sowred bred sene in all thy quarters. 8 And thou shalt tell thy sonne at the same tyme, & saye: Because of that, which ye LORDE dyd for me, whan I departed out of Egipte. 9 Therfore shalt it be a signe vnto ye in thine hande, and a token of remembraunce before thine eyes, that the lawe of ye LORDE maye be in thy mouth, how that ye LORDE brought the out of Egipte with a mightie hande: 10 Therfore kepe this maner yearly in his tyme. 11 Whan the LORDE now hath brought ye in to ye lande of the Cananites (as he hath sworne vnto the and thy fathers) and hath geuen it the, 12 then shalt thou sunder out vnto the LORDE all that breaketh the Matrice, and firstborne amonge thy catell, soch as is male. 13 The firstborne of the Asse shalt thou bye out with a shepe: but yf thou redeme it not, then breake his neck. All the firstborne of men amonge thy children shalt thou redeme. 14 And whan thy childe axeth the to daie or tomorow: What is this? Thou shalt saye vnto him: The LORDE brought vs out of Egipte from the house of bondage wt a mightie hande: 15 for whan Pharao was loth to let vs go, the LORDE slew all the firstborne in the lande of Egipte, from the firstborne of men vnto ye firstborne of the catell: therfore offer I vnto the LORDE all that breaketh ye Matrice, beynge a male, and ye firstborne of my children I redeme. 16 And this shal be a signe vnto the in thine hande, and a token to thinke vpon before thine eyes, how that the LORDE brought vs out of Egipte with a mightie hande. 17 Now whan Pharao had let ye people go, God led them not the waye thorow the lode of the Philistynes, which was ye nexte: for he thoughte: The people might repet, wha they se warre, and so turne in agayne into Egipte. 18 Therfore led he the people aboute, euen the waye thorow the wyldernes by ye reed see. And the childre of Israel wente harnessed out of the londe of Egipte. 19 And Moses toke Iosephs bones with him, for he toke an ooth of the children of Israel, and sayde: God wyll surely vyset you, therfore cary awaye my bones with you from hence. 20 So they toke their iourney fro Suchoth, & pitched their tetes in Etha in ye edge of the wildernes. 21 And ye LORDE wete before the by daye in a piler of a cloude, to lede the ye right waye: and by night in a piler of fyre, that he might shewe the light to walke both by daie and night. 22 The piler of the cloude departed neuer from the people by daye, and the pyler of fyre departed not from the by night.