Psalms 147

CLV(i) 1 Praise Yah. Indeed it is good to make melody to our Elohim; Indeed it is pleasant to make comely praise. 2 Yahweh is building up Jerusalem; He is collecting together the expelled of Israel, 3 The One healing the broken heart And binding up their grievous wounds; 4 The One counting the number of stars, He is calling them all by their names." 5 Great is our Lord and vast in vigor; As to His understanding, there is no enumeration of it." 6 Yahweh is bolstering up the humbled ones, Abasing the wicked to the earth." 7 Respond to Yahweh with acclamation; Make melody to our Elohim with the harp, 8 The One covering the heavens with thick clouds, The One preparing rain for the earth, The One sprouting grass on the mountains, 9 Giving its nourishment to the beasts, To the raven's young when they should call." 10 Not in the horse's mastery is He delighting; Not in the legs of a man is He placing approval; 11 Yahweh is placing approval in those fearing Him, In those waiting for His benignity." 12 Laud Yahweh, O Jerusalem; Praise your Elohim, O Zion, 13 For He has fortified the bars of your gates And has blessed your sons within you. 14 The One giving peace in your territory, He is satisfying you with the fat of wheat;" 15 The One sending His command to the earth, His word is running quickly;" 16 The One giving snow like wool, He is dispersing hoarfrost like ashes, 17 Flinging down His ice like morsels of bread; Who can stand before His cold blast? 18 He is sending His word and melts them; He is reversing His wind, and the waters flow." 19 He is telling His words to Jacob, His statutes and His ordinances to Israel." 20 He has not done so for any other nation, And His ordinances, they do not know them at all. Praise Yah."