Numbers 14:11-20

CLV(i) 11 Yahweh said to Moses:How long shall this people spurn Me? And how long shall they not believe in Me despite all the signs which I have done among them? 12 I shall smite them with the plague and evict them, and I shall make you into a greater and more substantial nation than they. 13 Yet Moses said to Yahweh:The Egyptians have heard that You brought up this people by Your vigor, from among them;" 14 and they have spoken to the dwellers of this land; they have heard that You, Yahweh, are among this people, that You are being seen eye to eye, Yahweh, and Your cloud is standing over them, and in a column of cloud You are going before them by day and in a column of fire by night. 15 If You put this people to death as one man, then the nations who heard the report of You will say, saying. 16 Because Yahweh was unable to bring this people to the land about which He had sworn to them, He slew them in the wilderness. 17 So now let, I pray, the vigor of Yahweh be great just as You have spoken, saying. 18 Yahweh, slow to anger and with much kindness and truth, bearing with depravity and transgression and sin, yet He is not immediately making innocent in order to make innocent, but is visiting the depravity of the fathers on the sons, on the third and on the fourth generation. 19 Pardon, I pray, the depravity of this people according to the greatness of Your kindness just as You bore with this people from Egypt and hitherto. 20 Yahweh said:I have pardoned them according to your word.