Isaiah 12

CLV(i) 1 And you will say, in that day, "I am acclaiming You, Yahweh, for You wast angry with me, yet reversing is Your anger, and You are comforting me." 2 Behold! El is my Salvation. I am trusting in Him and am not afraid. For my Strength and Melody is Yah, Yahweh, and He is becoming mine for salvation." 3 And you will bail water with elation from the springs of salvation. 4 And you will say, in that day, "Acclaim Yahweh! Proclaim in His Name! Make known among the peoples His practices. Mention that impregnable is His Name." 5 Make melody to the name of Yahweh, for loftily does He!Made known is this in the entire earth!" 6 Make a noise and be jubilant, dweller of Zion, for great within you is the Holy One of Israel!"