Leviticus 18:24-28

Bishops(i) 24 Ye shall not defile your selues in any of these thinges: for in all these, the nations are defiled whiche I cast out before you 25 Wherthrough the lande is defiled, and I wyll visite the wyckednesse thereof vpon it, yea and the lande it selfe hath vomited out her inhabitauntes 26 Ye shall kepe therfore mine ordinaunces and my iudgementes, and commit none of these abhominations, neither any of your owne nation, nor any strauger that soiourneth among you 27 (For all these abhominations, haue the men of the lande done whiche were before you, and the lande is defiled. 28 Shall not the lande spewe you out also if ye defile it, as it spewed out the nations that were before you