BDB38 [H87 H85]

אַבְרָם proper name, masculine (id., Thes and others exalted father) Abram Gen 11:26; Gen 11:27 + 57 t. Genesis (to Gen 17:5) + 1Chr 1:27; Neh 9:7 = אַבְרָהָם Abraham Gen 17:5; Gen 17:9; Gen 17:15 + 172 t. OT. (אברהם connected Gen 17:5 by word-play with הם of המון; really = רום ֯ אברם = רהם which however is not found in Hebrew — compare Di > HalRÉJ 1887, 177 f who proposes אֲבִר הַם גּוֺיִם compare Gen 49:21 with Isa 41:21 so that אֲבִר הָם chief of multitude is the new name of Gen 17:5 (הָם) √ המה). SpiegelbRandglossen 14 compare Palestinian proper name geography µ‡r° °brru = חקל אברם (compage Egyptian article masculine), in Sheshonk list. As regards etymology, Nöl.c. and others explained as 'the father [a divine title] is exalted' (compare יְהוֺרָם, מַלְכִּירָם, חִירָם[אֲ]).

The Brown-Driver-Briggs Hebrew and English Lexicon
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