BDB7326 [H6943]

קֶ֫דֶשׁ proper name, of a location (sanctuary) Καδης:

1. in Galilee Josh 20:7; Josh 21:32 (P), 1Chr 6:61 Naphtali Josh 19:37 (P), נַפְתָּלִי ׳ק Judg 4:6 = קֶדֶשׁ alone Josh 12:22 (D; with king); Judg 4:9; Judg 4:10 + vJudg 4:11 (where possibly different place on sea of Galilee, see GFMJudg 117, 119), also 2Kgs 15:29 Tel Amarna †idši; Egyptian †dšë WMMAs.u.Eur.173,217; modern Kades, northwest of Lake Huleh; see RobBR iii. 366 ff. SurveyWP i. 226 ff. BuhlGeogr. 235 f.
2. Κεδες: city of refuge in Issachar 1Chr 6:57 = קִשְׁיוֺן Josh 21:28 possibly Tel Abu Kudeis [SurveyWP i. 69], approximately 2 miles southeast from Lejjun (Megiddo): compare BuhlGeogr. 209.
3. Καδης: in southern Judah; Josh 15:23 (P) (= II. קָדֵשׁ 1 ? if so, then Masoretic distinction from קֶדֶשׁ in the north was here neglected).

The Brown-Driver-Briggs Hebrew and English Lexicon
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