BDB5444 [H5411]

נְתִינִים noun masculine plural Nethinim (properly those given to the service of the sanctuary, as Levites are called נְתוּנִים Num 3:9; Num 8:16; Num 8:19); — only 1Chr 9:2 (where distinguished from priests and Levites) + 16 t. Ezra Nehemiah (often distinguished from priests, Levites and porters; Ezra 8:17 Kt has הנתונים, Qr הַנְּתִינִים), namely: Ezra 2:43; Ezra 2:58; Ezra 2:70 = Neh 7:46; Neh 7:60; Neh 7:72 (so Baer, Ginsb; van d. H. vNeh 7:73), Ezra 7:7; Ezra 8:17; Ezra 8:20 (appointment ascribed to David, compare 1Chr 9:2), v1Chr 9:20; Neh 10:29; Neh 11:3 living on the Ophel Neh 3:26; Neh 11:21 with their own overseers vNeh 11:21, having a house known (in part) by their name Neh 3:31. — On ׳נ see further BauPriesterthum 100, 142 f.

The Brown-Driver-Briggs Hebrew and English Lexicon
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