BDB3291 [H2883]

טָבַע verb sink, sink down (Late Hebrew id.; Aramaic , טְבַע; Phoenician טבע coin; Assyrian ‰êbû, sink in, ‰abbî°u, diver (water-fowl) etc., see Muss-ArnJBL xi, 1892, 170 DlHWB; Arabic seal, stamp, imprint; Ethiopic dip) —

Qal Perfect טָבַעְתִּי Ps 69:3 טָֽבְעוּ Ps 9:16; Lam 2:9 Imperfect וַיִּטְבַּע Jer 38:6 וַתִּטְבַּע 1Sam 17:49 אֶטְבָּ֑עָה Ps 69:15sink, sink down, intransitive, with בְּ; 1Sam 17:49 (stone into Goliath's forehead); Jer 38:6 (Jeremiah in mire of dungeon); Lam 2:9 (gates of Jerusalem into ground); metaphor of distress; Ps 69:3 בִיוֵן מְצוּלָה׳ט; Ps 69:15 (|| הצילני מִטִּיט); nations into the pit (בַּשַּׁחַת) Ps 9:16. Pu`al Perfect טֻבְּעוּ be sunk Exod 15:4 (poem) of Egyptians drowned בְּיַםסֿוּף. Hiph`il Perfect הָטְבְּעוּ be sunk בַּבֹּץ in the mire, of feet, metaphor of entanglements and difficulties Jer 38:22 הָטְבָּ֑עוּ, of pedestals (אֲדָנִים) of the earth, as settled, planted עַל Job 38:6 (|| ירה פִּנָּה); absolute of mountains Prov 8:25.

The Brown-Driver-Briggs Hebrew and English Lexicon
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