BDB1949 [H1809]

דָּלַל verb hang, be low, languish (Late Hebrew Hiph`il thin, thin out vines, etc.; Assyrian dalâlu, be weak, humble ZimBp 74. 97; Arabic direct, guide, , be directed, guided; put in motion, commotion; be in motion, hang, dangle; also amorous, coquettish, gesture or behaviour of women) —

Qal Perfect דֵּלֹּתִי Ps 116:6, דַּלּוֺתִי Ps 142:7 1 plural דַּלּוֺנוּ Ps 79:8, דָּֽלֲלוּ Isa 19:6, דַּלּוּ Isa 38:14; Job 28:4 (on דַּלְיוּ Prov 26:7 compare דָּלָה); — hang, 'depend', Job 28:4 (of one descending a miner's shaft || נָעוּ); be low, of streams Isa 19:6 (|| חָֽרְבוּ); be low, brought low, metaphor of distress Ps 79:8; Ps 116:6; Ps 142:7 languish, of eyes, look languishingly (Che) Isa 38:14. —
Niph`al Imperfect יִדַּל Isa 17:4, וַיִּדַּל Judg 6:6, — be brought low, laid low, Judg 6:6 figurative of Israel; Isa 17:4 of glory of Jacob.

The Brown-Driver-Briggs Hebrew and English Lexicon
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