BDB163 [H176]

אוֺ320 , , ), conjunction or (whether aut or vel).

1. Gen 24:49; Gen 31:43; Exod 4:11; Song 2:9; Lev 13:24; Num 5:30 + often (especially in laws); sometimes implying a preference, nearly = or rather Gen 24:55 יָמִים אוֺ עָשׂוֺר a few days or ten Judg 18:19; 1Sam 29:3. Prefixed to the first as well as to the second alternative (rare) either (whether) ... or Lev 5:1; Lev 13:48; Lev 13:51 = or, if not Ezek 21:15 (si vera lectio) Ke Mal 2:17; Job 16:3; Job 22:11.
2. introducing a sentence, especially a particular case under a general principle, or = or if Exod 21:31 ׳אוֺבֵֿן יִגַּח וג or if he gore a son, etc. vExod 21:36; Lev 4:23; Lev 4:28 (see Di) Lev 5:21; Lev 5:22; Lev 25:49b; Num 5:14; 2Sam 18:13 or if I had dealt falsely against his life, then, etc., Ezek 14:17; Ezek 14:19 or if I send, etc.
3. if perchance, 1Sam 20:10 if perchance thy father answer thee with something hard, Lev 26:41.
4. once, with the jussive (as in Arabic with the subjunctive see Dr§ 175) = except: Isa 27:5 I would burn them together, אוֺ יַחֲזֵק בְּמָעֻזִּי or else let him take hold (= except he take hold) of my strong-hold, etc.

אוּ Prov 31:4 Kt, see [אַי].

The Brown-Driver-Briggs Hebrew and English Lexicon
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