BDB1280 [H1234]

בָּקַע verb cleave, break open or through (Late Hebrew id., MI15 מבקע השחרת from break of dawn; Aramaic בְּקַע; compare Ethiopic profit, be useful, originally findere, aperire, Di) —

Qal Perfect בָּקַע Ps 78:13, בָּֽקְעָה Isa 34:15, בָּקַעְתָּ Neh 9:11; Ps 74:15, וּבָֽקַעְתָּ֫ Ezek 29:7 Imperfect וַיִּבְקַע Judg 15:19; Isa 48:21, וַיִּבְקְעוּ 2Sam 23:16 = 1Chr 11:18, וַיִּ בְקָעוּהָ 2Chr 21:17 Imperative וּבְקָעֵהוּ Exod 14:16 Infinitive construct suffix בִּקְעָם Amos 1:13; 2Chr 32:1 Participle active בּוֺקֵעַ Isa 63:12; Eccl 10:9, בֹּקֵעַ Ps 141:7
1. cleave, cleave open, followed by accusative, Judg 15:19 God cleft open the hollow (הַמֵּכְתֵּשׁ), and water came out, compare Isa 48:21 (object צוּר), also Ps 74:15 bring forth by cleaving, object מַעְיָן יָנָחַ֑ל, all three of divine operation; cleave or rip open pregnant women Amos 1:13 of a broken staff, tearing the shoulder Ezek 29:7 (but read כַּף hand for כָּתֵף, ᵐ5 ᵑ9 Sm (?)Co.); cleave wood Eccl 10:9 (|| מַסִּיעַ אֲבָנִים); of ploughing (furrowing) the earth Ps 141:7 (|| פֹּלֵחֵ; in simile); especially of dividing the sea, Exod 14:16 (P) Neh 9:11; Ps 78:13, compare Isa 63:12, object מַיִם; — in all these subject ׳י except Exod 14:16 where he commands Moses; of hatching out (a brood, but no object expressed) Isa 34:15, subject קִפּוֺו arrow-snake.
2. break through or into, followed by בְּ 2Sam 23:16 = 1Chr 11:18 followed by accusative 2Chr 21:17 וַיַעֲלוּ בִיהוּדָה וֵיִבְקָעוּהָ; also 2Chr 32:1, object suffix reference to cities, ויאמר לְבִקְעָם אֵלָיו and he thought to break into them and so bring them unto himself. Niph`al Perfect נִבְקַע Job 26:8; Zech 14:4 (וְ consecutive); נִבְקְעוּ Gen 7:11; Isa 35:6, נִבְקָ֑עוּ 2Chr 25:11; Prov 3:20 Imperfect יִבָּקַע Isa 58:8, יִבֵָּק֑עַ Job 32:19 3 feminine singular תִּבָּקַע Isa 59:5, וַתִּבָּקַע Num 16:31 + 3 t.; Infinitive construct לְהִבָּקֵעַ Ezek 30:16
1. be cleft, rent open, subject the ground, הָֽאֲדָמָה Num 16:31 (J), הָאָרֶץ 1Kgs 1:40 (hyperb.); mountain Zech 14:4 burst open, of men hurled from rock 2Chr 25:12 of cloud beneath its weight of water Job 26:8 hyperb. of belly full of words seeking a vent, Job 32:19 like new wine-skins it will burst open; so of the water-receptacles (מעינות) of the great deep, at the flood Gen 7:11 of the water-masses themselves, תהומות Prov 3:20, מים ונהלים Isa 35:6 also of the Red Sea, וַיִבָּקְעוּ המים Exod 14:21 of light breaking forth Isa 58:8 (figurative); of serpent's egg hatching out as a viper Isa 59:5 הַזּוּרֶה תִּבָּקַע אֶפְעֶה.
2. be broken into, of city captured by breaches in walls 2Kgs 25:4 = Jer 52:7; Ezek 30:16. Pi`el Perfect בִּקֵּעַ 2Kgs 15:16; Job 28:10, וּבִקַּעְתִּ֫י Ezek 13:13, בִּקֵּ֑עוּ Isa 59:5 Imperfect יְבַקַּע Ps 78:15, וַיְבַקַּע Gen 22:3 3 feminine singular תְּבַקֵּעַ Ezek 13:11, תְּבַקְּעֵם Hos 13:8 2 masculine singular תְּבַקַּעֿ Hab 3:9, תְּבַקֵּ֑עַ 2Kgs 8:12 2 feminine plural וַתְּבַקַּעְנָה 2Kgs 2:24cleave, cut to pieces, or rend open (often more complete or more violent than Qal), followed by accusative, of cleaving wood Gen 22:3 i.e. cut it up for burning, so 1Sam 6:14 of ripping open pregnant women 2Kgs 8:12; 2Kgs 15:16 of tearing in pieces children 2Kgs 2:24 compare also Hos 13:8 (figurative); of cleaving open rocks, to bring forth water Ps 78:15 (subject God); of cutting mining-shafts Job 28:10 ׳בַּצּוּרוֺת יְאֹרִים בּ; נְהָרוֺת תְּבַקַּעאָֿ֑רֶץ Hab 3:9 into rivers thou cleavest (the) earth; break through or down (a wall, but no object expressed), Ezek 13:11 רוּחַ סְעָרוֺת תְּבֵַקּ֑עַ (but Co תִּבָּקֵעַ), compare vEzek 13:13 וּבִקַּעְתִּי רוּחַ סְעָרוֺת בַחֲמָתִי; of hatching eggs Isa 59:5 בֵּיצֵי צִפְעוֺנִיבִֵּקּ֑עוּ (figurative) Pu`al Imperfect יְבָֻקּ֑עוּ Hos 14:1 Participle מְבֻקָּעָה Ezek 26:10, מְבֻקָּעִים Josh 9:4be ripped open, of women Hos 14:1 (verb of masculine form); rent, of old wine-skins Josh 9:4 broken into, of a city in whose walls a breach has been made Ezek 26:10. Hiph`il Imperfect 1 plural suffix וְנַבְקִעֶנָּה Isa 7:6 Infinitive construct לְהַבְקִיעַ 2Kgs 3:26break into, followed by suffix reference to Judah, Isa 7:6 אֵלֵינוּ ׳ונב let us break into it, lay it open, and so bring it unto ourselves (compare Qal 2Chr 32:1); break through (absolute) with sword, שֹׁלֵף חֶרֶבּ לְהַבְקִיעַ אֶלמֶֿלֶךְאֱדוֺם 2Kgs 3:26. Hoph`al Perfect 3 feminine singular הָבְקְעָה הָעִיר Jer 39:2 the city was broken into, entrance was made by a breach. Hithpa`el Perfect הִתְכַָּקּ֑עוּ Josh 9:13, Imperfect יִתְבּקָּ֑עוּ Mic 1:4burst (themselves) open, of wine-skins Josh 9:13 cleave asunder, of valleys Mic 1:4.

The Brown-Driver-Briggs Hebrew and English Lexicon
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