BDB1742 [H105]

[אֲגַרְטָל] noun masculine a kind of vessel, basin or basket (?; others basket-like, basket-shaped vessel); only plural construct אֲגַרְטְלֵי זָהָב, & כֶסֶף ׳א, both Ezra 1:9, denoting vessels from temple at Jerusalem restored by Cyrus. (Etymology & meaning dubious compare above; A ᵐ5L Manuscripts ᵐ5 of ψυκτῆρες, wine-coolers; B omits; now commonly compared with Aramaic קַרְטָלִיתָא Levy NHWBiv. 376, , Arabic , , supposed to be loan-word from Hellenistic Greek κάρταλος, κάρταλλος (e.g. ᵐ5 2Kgs 10:7, Hebrew דּוּדִים), all = basket, fruit-basket, etc., canistrum (so MV BeRy SS); but κάρταλλος itself is possibly a Persian or Semitic loan-word; compare especially Frä77 f.; further conjectures in Thes BeRy.)

The Brown-Driver-Briggs Hebrew and English Lexicon
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