BDB9043 [H8298]

שָׁרָ֑י proper name, masculine one with foreign wife Ezra 10:40 Σαριου, א Σαρουε, ᵐ5L Σαρουα.

שִׁרְיָה see III. שׁרה שִׁרְיוֺן. see IV. שׁרה. above

שֵׁרִית see שְׁאֵרִית. שֵׁרִיתִךָ Jer 15:11 see I. שׁרה. above,

שְׁרֵמוֺת see [ שְׁדֵמָה] below שׁדם.

שִׁרְיָ֑ן see below IV. שִׁרְיוֺןsub IV שׁרה . above

The Brown-Driver-Briggs Hebrew and English Lexicon
License: Public domain document; formatting developed for use in by Eliran Wong.
Source: provided by Tim Morton, the developer of Bible Analyzer

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