BDB8681 [H7941]

שֵׁכָר noun [masculine] intoxioating drink, strong drink (BaNB § 71); — always ׳שׁ absolute; usually || וַיִן (except Ps 69:13): Isa 29:8 usually condemned, Isa 5:11; Isa 5:22; Isa 28:7 (3 t. in verse); Isa 56:12 (׳נִסְבְּאָה שׁ), Mic 2:11; 1Sam 1:15; Prov 20:1 forbidden to priests on duty Lev 10:9 (P); not for princes Prov 31:4 nor Nazirite Num 6:3; Judg 13:4; Judg 13:7; Judg 13:14, compare ׳חֹמֶץ שׁ Num 6:3 ׳שׁוֺתֵי שׁ Ps 69:13 drunkards; but ׳שׁ as common drink Deut 29:5 (opposed to miraculous), allowable in sacrificial meal Deut 14:26, commended for weak and weary Prov 31:4 ׳נֶסֶךְ שׁ Num 28:7(P; for יַיִן vNum 28:14); see further KennedyEncy. Bib. iv. 5309 f. — On form compare LagM ii. 357; BN 51.

The Brown-Driver-Briggs Hebrew and English Lexicon
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Source: provided by Tim Morton, the developer of Bible Analyzer