BDB8653 [H8356]

[שָׁת] noun masculine (AlbrZAW xvi (1896), 84) foundation, stay (of society) (√ שׁית Thes ii. l. 172); — plural הַשָּׁתוֺת יֵהָרֵס֑וּן Ps 11:3 (probably figurative of established usages, laws, etc., ᵑ9 leges, Symm θεσμοί, so Hup-Now Bae Che (1888) and others; > Thes and others of nobles); Thes puts here also שָֽׁתֹתֶ֫יהָ Isa 19:10 (so ᵑ0 probably intends), which Ew Di Kit then interpret of working-classes, || עשֵֹׁי שֶׂכֶר; but perhaps opposed to of this, the upper classes, so as to include all ranks of society, Thes De CheComm.; CheHpt Buhl and others שֹׁתֶיהָ weavers of it (compare Du Marti), see III. שׁתה.

The Brown-Driver-Briggs Hebrew and English Lexicon
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