BDB8076 [H8656]

תִּרְצָה proper name, feminine and of a location (pleasure, beauty); —

1. feminine daughter of Selophehad of Gilead Num 26:33; Num 27:1; Num 36:11; Josh 17:3 Θερσα.
2. location old Canaanite city Josh 12:24, early cap. of Northern Israel (until Omri) 1Kgs 14:17 (תִּרְצָ֫תָה), 1Kgs 15:21; 1Kgs 15:33; 1Kgs 16:6; 1Kgs 16:8; 1Kgs 16:9 (twice in verse); 1Kgs 16:15; 1Kgs 16:17; 1Kgs 16:23, Θαρσα, usually Θερσα; Menahem's base of operations 2Kgs 15:14; 2Kgs 15:16 (Θαρς(ε)ιλα v2Kgs 15:14, EusebOnom. 263, 62, ed. Lag compare Θαρσιλα, village of Samaritans in Batanea, and BuhlGeogr. 247 conjecture Tesîl, 20 miles east of Lake Gennesaret, but this too remote); in simile of beauty (omitted by ᵐ5) Song 6:4 (|| יְרוּשָׁלַם); — site not certain; conjectured are: Tallûza, just north of Mt. Ebal (RobBR iii. 302 f.), Tayaƒir, approximately 10 miles further northeast, > e‰-ˆîre, south of Gerizim (see, on these, GASmGeogr. 355 BuhlGeogr. 203 AglenHast. DB. under the word).

The Brown-Driver-Briggs Hebrew and English Lexicon
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