BDB8011 [H4828]

[מֵרֵעַ] noun masculine friend, companion (strange formation; origin dubious; WetzstSyr. Dreschtafel, Z. Ethnol. 1873, 289 compare miryâ, name of bell-wether among Syrian nomads (properly [inseparable] companion), and derived from ריע ֗֗֗ , properly closely joined; compare Gerber97, 162); — suffix מֵרֵעֵ֫הוּ Gen 26:26 +, מְרֵעֵ֫הוּ Prov 19:7 מֵרֵעֶ֑ךָ Judg 15:2 plural מַרֵעִים Judg 14:11companion, confidential friend, Gen 26:26 (J; compare רֵעֶה); of bridegroom's escort Gen 14:11, 'best man' (GFM) vGen 14:20; Gen 15:2; Gen 15:6 more generally friends (|| אחים) 2Sam 3:8; Prov 19:7; Prov 12:26 is dubious, Död Hi De and others מִרְעֵהוּ; Toy conjectures possibly (יָסֻר) מֵרָעָה, see further תור.

The Brown-Driver-Briggs Hebrew and English Lexicon
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