BDB7824 [H7452 H7453 H7454]

I. רֵעַ verbal noun shouting, roar, but dubious; — קוֺל הָעָם בְּרֵעֹה֯ Exod 32:17 (E) sound of the people as they shouted (read Infinitive construct בָּרִעֹה for בְּהָרִיעוֺ, compare √5); יַגִּיד עָלָיו רֵע֑וֺ Job 36:33 the roar thereof telleth of him (< רַעְמוֺ his thunder, so Bu); לָמָּה תָרִיעִי רֵעַ Mic 4:9 why criest thou out with a crying? i.e. so loudly (but see √

6. ). — II. III. רֵעַ see רעה. p. 945f

The Brown-Driver-Briggs Hebrew and English Lexicon
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