BDB7594 [H7140]

קֶ֫רַח noun masculineJob 38:29 frost, ice; — absolute ׳ק Gen 31:40 +, קָ֑רַח Job 6:16 +; suffix קַרְחוֺ Ps 147:17

1. frost of night (opposed to חֹרֶב of day), Gen 31:40 (E), Jer 36:30.
2. ice, Job 6:16; Job 37:10; Job 38:29 (|| כְפֹר hoarfrost), כְפִתִּים ׳מַשְׁלִיח ק Ps 147:17 (Hup and others think of hail, but see Bae; || קָרָה cold, שֶׁלֶג, כְּפוֺר vPs 147:16); probably also ׳כְּעֵין ק Ezek 1:22 (so Krae; most crystal, after ᵐ5).

קְרִי, קִרְיָה, קִרְיַת, קרִיּוֺת, etc., see קרה.

The Brown-Driver-Briggs Hebrew and English Lexicon
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Source: provided by Tim Morton, the developer of Bible Analyzer