BDB7422 [H7014]

II. קַ֫יִן proper name

1. of a people (see StaG i. 151 f. MeyEntstehung 115; compare Arabic proper name, of family Nabataean, Sinaitic proper name, masculine and feminine קינו; tribe of smiths?); — tribe of Mose's father-in-law Judg 4:11 (compare קֵינִי Judg 1:16), Καινα ᵐ5L Κειν; akin to Midian (Num 10:29 P), settled among Amalekites in south of Canaan (see קֵינִי); prophesied against by Balaam Num 24:22 (קָ֑יִן; J E); — see also קֵינִי
2. location הַקַּ֫יִן in southern Judah (a settlement of II. ׳ק 1 ?); — Josh 15:57, [Ζακαν]αειμ, A [Ζανω] Ακειμ, ᵐ5L [Ζανου] Ακεν; possibly= Yª†în southeast from Hebron [RobBR ii.85] (see BuhlGeogr. 162 f. who, however, compare קִינָה vJosh 15:22).

The Brown-Driver-Briggs Hebrew and English Lexicon
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