BDB6876 [H6605]

II. [פָּתַח] verb Pi`el engrave (Late Hebrew Pi`el id.,פִּתּוּחַ = Biblical Hebrew, and so ᵑ7; Assyrian patâ—u, bore, penetrate; compare perhaps Arabic , ring (compare Frä252)); — Perfect 3 masculine singular פִּתַּח 2Chr 3:7, etc.; Imperfect 3 masculine singular וַיְפַתַּח 1Kgs 7:36 2 masculine singular תְּפַתַּח Exod 28:11 Infinitive construct לְפַתֵּחַ 2Chr 2:6; 2Chr 2:13 Participle מְפַתֵּחַ Zech 3:9engrave, with accusative + על, on metal 1Kgs 7:36; 2Chr 3:7; Exod 28:36 (accusative of congnate meaning with verb פִּתּוּחֵי חוֺתָם), on stone vExod 28:9 with accusative אֶבֶן + accusative of congnate meaning with verb vExod 28:11(all P); with accusative of congnate meaning with verb only, Zech 3:9 (on stone), and, in general, 2Chr 2:6; 2Chr 2:13. Pu`al Participle feminine plural מְפֻתָּחֹת פִתּוּחֵי חוֺתָם Exod 39:9 (P) stones engraved with the engravings of signet.

The Brown-Driver-Briggs Hebrew and English Lexicon
License: Public domain document; formatting developed for use in by Eliran Wong.
Source: provided by Tim Morton, the developer of Bible Analyzer