BDB6766 [H6503]

[פַּרְוֶר] noun [masculine] structure (colonnade ?) attached to west side of Solomon's temple; plural פַּרְוָרִים 2Kgs 23:11 apparently same word in singular פַּרְבָּר 1Chr 26:18 (twice in verse) (all with article) (Thes compare Persian open kiosk, summer-house (literally light-bearer). whence perhaps ׳פ as loan-word, compare Mishna פַּרְוָוד, פַּרְוָאר, ᵑ7 פַּרְוָורָא suburd (made up of villas, summer-houses Thes); ׳פ then post-exilic insertion in 2Kgs 23:11 compare further Dr in HastingsDB).

The Brown-Driver-Briggs Hebrew and English Lexicon
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