BDB6405 [H6201]

II. [עָרַף] verb drip, drop (compare Arabic lade out water with the hand (as with ladle), compare Phoenician ערפת portico (whence rain drips) see HoffmAbh. d. GGW xxxvi, May, 1889, 12 f.; compare also Arabic upper-room; מערף ענן Eccl 43:22 the dropping of a cloud, Assyrian irpu, irpitu, cloud(s)); —

Qal Imperfect 3 masculine plural שָׁמָיו יַעַרְפוּטָֿ֑ל Deut 33:28 his heavens drop dew; figurative, of speech, intransitive, יַעֲרֹף כַּמָּטָר לִקְחִי Deut 32:2 let my teaching drop like the rain (|| תִּזַּל כַּטַּל אִמְרָתִי). — compare רָעַף.

The Brown-Driver-Briggs Hebrew and English Lexicon
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