BDB6148 [H5980]

I. [עֻמָּה] noun feminine juxtaposition, but only in stative construct with force a preposition close by, side by side with, parallel to, agreeing with, corresponding to; — stative with עֻמַּת, except Eccl 5:15 always with לְ, suffix לְעֻמָּתוֺ, once plural construct לְעֻמּוֺת Ezek 45:7
\ \ a. close by, side by side with: Exod 25:27 (Exod 37:14), Exod 28:27 (Exod 39:20), Lev 3:9 לְעֻמַּת הֻעָצֶה יְסִירֶנָּה shall take it away close by the backbone; especially of what is parallel, Ezek 42:7 the wall alongside of the chambers; of the contiguous portions in Ezekiel's division of the land, alongside of each other, Ezek 45:6; Ezek 45:7; Ezek 48:13; Ezek 48:18 (twice in verse); Ezek 48:21 of movement in parallel lines, 2Sam 16:13 Shimei was going along לְעֻמָּתוֺ parallel with him, v2Sam 16:13; Ezek 1:20 וְהָאוֺפַנִּים יִנָָּֽשְׂאוּ לְעֻמָּתָם, vEzek 1:21; Ezek 3:13; Ezek 10:19; Ezek 11:22; Ezek 3:8 נָתַתִּי פָנֶיךָ חֲזָקִים לְעֻמַּת פְּנֵיהֶם by the side of their face (which, as antagonism is implied, = against, RV), vEzek 3:8.
\ \ b. agreeing with, corresponding to (a common result of juxtaposition), Exod 38:18 a screen five cubits high לעמת קלעי החצר agreeing with (RV answerable unto) the hangings of the court (in height), Ezek 40:18 probably also 1Chr 26:16; Neh 12:24 מִשְׁמָר ׳מִשְׁמָר ל ward corresponding to ward.
\ \ c. correspondingly to, 1Chr 24:31 they also cast lots לְעֻמַּת אֲחֵיהֶם correspondingly to their brethren, vb the head, correspondinly to his younger brother, 1Chr 26:12 to these . . . belonged charges correspondingly to (in common with) their brethren.

**Eccl 7:14 side by side with, as well as.
\ \ d. before a sentence (Ges«GKC:155n»§ 155n), 1Chr 25:8 (strangely) לְעֻמַּת כַּקָּטֹן כַּגָּדוֺל (see Ke) correspondingly to (the principle) of as the small so the great; Eccl 5:15 כָּלעֻֿמַּת שֶׁכָּא quite exactly as he came, so shall he go (but LambertRŠJ xxxi. 47, RahlfsTh. Lt. -z. 1896, 587 כִּלְעֻמַּת).
\ \ e. מִלְּעֻמַּת (see מִן 1 c, 9 a) 1Kgs 7:20 close beside.

The Brown-Driver-Briggs Hebrew and English Lexicon
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