BDB5812 [H5716]

עֲדִי noun [masculine] collective ornaments (with which one is decked); — ׳ע absolute Isa 49:18, עֶ֑די Ezek 16:11; Ezek 23:40 construct 2Sam 1:24 +; suffix עֶדְיוֺ Exod 33:4 +, עֶדְיְךָ Exod 33:5, etc.; — ornaments:

1. of women 2Sam 1:24 (זָהָב ׳ע), Jer 2:32 of Jerusalem under figure of woman Jer 4:30 (זָהָב ׳ע), Ezek 16:11; Ezek 23:40 (all accusative of congnate meaning with verb c עָדָה), Isa 49:18 (simile). — עֲדִי עֲדָיִים Ezek 16:7, read probably עַד עִדִּים unto menstruation (maturity), JDMich Co Berthol (reading ׳בְּעֵת עִדּ), Toy. עֶדְיֵךְ Ps 103:5 [suffix reference to נַפְשִׁי] is dubious, ᵐ5 τ. ἐπιθυμίαν σου [rdg. אַוָּתֵךְ ? this usually with נֶפֶשׁ]; thine age, prime (compare I. עַד) JDMich; Thes; conjectures in Hup-Now Che Du.
2. of men Exod 33:4; Exod 33:5; Exod 33:6 (JE)
3. in general, as feeding pride Ezek 7:20 (צְבִי עֶדְיוֺ, suffix reference to silver and gold, vEzek 7:19)
4. trappings of horse Ps 32:9 (De Hup, compare Du), si versa l., but prob, corrupt; Che (after see Ortenb.) לִבְלּ֑ם עַד יוּבַל אֵלֶיךָ must be curbed till he can be brought, etc.

The Brown-Driver-Briggs Hebrew and English Lexicon
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