BDB5324 [H4676 H4678 H5324]

מַצֵּבָה, מַצֶּ֫בֶת noun feminine pillar, maƒƒ¢b¹, stump; — absolute מַצֵּבָה Hos 3:4 +,מַצֶּ֫בֶת 2Sam 18:18 a (read ׳הַמּ ᵐ5 Dr Bu Kit), v2Sam 18:18 b Isa 6:13, construct מַצְּבַת 2Kgs 3:2; 2Kgs 10:27, מַצֶּ֫בֶת Gen 35:14; Gen 35:20 suffix מַצַּבְתָּהּ Isa 6:13 plural absolute מַצֵּבוֺת 1Kgs 14:28, construct מַצְּבוֺת 2Kgs 10:26, etc.; —

1. a. pillar, as monument, personal memorial 2Sam 18:18 (twice in verse).
\ \ b. a stone, set up (שׂים, הציב), and anointed as memorial of divine appearance Gen 28:18; Gen 28:22; Gen 31:13 (all E), Gen 35:14 (J); so also Gen 33:20 (E), where insert ׳מ, or read ׳מ for ᵑ0 מִזְבֵּחַ (We Di NowArchaeology ii.18), set up (שׂים), הרים, חציב in token of an agreement Gen 31:45; Gen 31:51; Gen 31:52 (twice in verse) (all E); over grave Gen 35:20 (twice in verse)
\ \ c. especially of sacred stones or pillars in connection with altar, erected (בנה) by Moses Exod 24:4 (E; 12 pillars), Hos 3:4; Hos 10:1; Hos 10:2; Isa 19:19 conjecture also 2Kgs 12:10 for ᵑ0 מִזְבֵּחַ StaZAW v (1885), 296 NowArchaeology l.c., but dubious, see Benzon the passage; (usually + אֲשֵׁרִים etc.): of Canaanites Exod 23:24 (E), Exod 34:13 (J), Deut 7:5; Deut 12:3 compare הַבַּלְַ ׳מ 2Kgs 3:2; 2Kgs 10:26; 2Kgs 10:27 Tyre, עֻזֵּךְ ׳מ, Ezek 26:11, of obelisks of Heliopolis in Egypt; condemned for Israel by Deuteronomic code, and Deuteronomist redaction of Kings: Deut 16:22; 2Kgs 14:23; 2Kgs 17:10; 2Kgs 18:4; 2Kgs 23:14; 2Chr 14:2; 2Chr 31:1 compare Mic 5:12; Lev 26:1 (H). — On maƒƒ¢b¹ see further NowArchaeology ii.18 f. BenzArchaeology 380 f. DrDeut 16:21f. WeSkizzen iii.99,165 RSSem.i.184 ff. 437.f; 2d ed. 204 ff. 456 f.; K. 50.
**On this see also LagrangeÉtudes Bibl. 197 ff. and review by BauZMG lvii (1903), 830; also GFMEB MASSEBAH StaBib. Theol. i. § 55 OCWhitehouseHast. DB PILLAR. — Judg 9:6 see [ נָצַב]
Hoph`al 2. stock, stump of tree Isa 6:13 a (in simile), so vIsa 6:13 b (figurative; but probably strike out as gloss).

The Brown-Driver-Briggs Hebrew and English Lexicon
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