BDB5318 [H5333]

I. נְצִיב noun masculine pillar, prefect, also apparently garrison, post (Eccl 46:18 ויבנע נציבי צר and he subdued garrisons, posts, of the foe); — ׳נ absolute 1Kgs 4:19 construct 1Sam 13:3 + 3 t.; plural נְצִיבִים 2Sam 8:6 + 2 t. + 2Chr 8:10 Kt, נְצִבִים 2Sam 8:14 (twice in verse); construct נְצִבֵי 1Sam 10:5 ᵑ0, but read נְצִיב ᵐ5 ᵑ6 ᵑ9 Th We Dr Klo Kit Bu HPS; —

1. pillar, מֶלַח ׳נ Gen 19:26 (J).
2. prefect, deputy 1Kgs 4:19 (on text compare Klo Benz), so perhaps also 1Sam 10:5 (HPS; pillar ᵐ5 Th Dr Klo Kit), and apparently 1Sam 13:3; 1Sam 13:4 (> al. pillar); this meaning serves also for 2Sam 8:6; 2Sam 8:14 (twice in verse) (so Ki; Th HPS garrison) 1Chr 11:16; 1Chr 18:13; 2Chr 8:10 (where read Kt), 2Chr 17:2 (Kau garrison in 2Chr 11:16; 2Chr 17:2; Eccl 46:18 — see above — would favour this meaning in other passages).

The Brown-Driver-Briggs Hebrew and English Lexicon
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