BDB4932 [H5014]

[נָבַב] verb hollow out (compare Assyrian imbubu, flute, DlHWB 443, Late Hebrew אַבּוּב id., Aramaic אַבּוּבָא id.; hence also Arabic knots in reed, part of reed between knots, reed; see HoffmLCB 1882, 321 Frä23 Fl in LevyTW i. 417); —

Qal Passive participle נָבוּב Job 11:12; Jer 52:21 נְבוּב Exod 27:8; Exod 38:7hollowed, hollow: of altar of tabernacle נְבוּב לֻחוֺת Exod 27:8; Exod 38:7 (P); of pillar in temple Jer 52:21 figurative אִישׁ נָבוּב Job 11:12, i.e. empty, hollow-minded man.

נֹ֫בֶה see נֹב.

The Brown-Driver-Briggs Hebrew and English Lexicon
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