BDB4489 [H3972]

מְא֫וּמָה32 pronoun indefinite anything (according to Thes from מָה וּמָה, like quidquid, against which is the Mil`el tone; according to Ol254, 255, 386 ii. 146 an old accusative from מאוּם in sense of speck, particle, compare French point: in Assyrian manman (properly who ? who ?), assimilated mamman, or manma (man, who ? + generalizing ma), mamma, is any one, minma (min, what ? + ma), mimma, is anything, Dl§ 60, HWB 418 f; WSG 125 f.); — anything, usually in negative sentences, as Gen 22:12 ואלתֿעשׂ לו מאומה (euphem. for something bad), Gen 30:31 מאומה לֹאתִֿתֶּןלִֿי, Gen 39:6; Gen 39:9; Gen 40:15 (euphemism), 1Sam 12:4; 1Sam 12:5; 1Sam 20:26; 1Sam 20:39; 1Sam 25:7; 1Sam 25:15; 1Sam 25:21; 1Sam 29:3 etc., Judg 14:6 ומאומה אין בידו, Eccl 5:14 לא ישׂא בעמלו ׳ומ 1Kgs 18:43 ׳אין מ literally nought of anything ! Jer 39:12 ואל תעשׂ לו מאומה רָּע; strengthened by כֹּל Gen 39:23; 2Sam 3:35 after אִם = surely not, 2Sam 3:35 in interrogative sentence Num 22:38 in affirm. sentence Deut 24:10 כִּיתַֿשֶּׁה ׳בְרֵעֲךָ מַשֵּׁאת מ a pledge of (= consisting in) anything, 2Sam 13:2 (euphemism), 2Kgs 5:20. Used adverbially, 1Sam 21:3 את הדבר ׳אישׁ אל ידע מ let no one know of the matter in anything at all.

מָאוֺר, [מְאוּרָה] see אור.

[מאזן], מאֹזְנַיִם see II. אזן.

The Brown-Driver-Briggs Hebrew and English Lexicon
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